Welcome Back, Culture

I recently revisited the very underrated series at Reformed Forum on the relationship between Christianity and culture. There has been a good amount of sustained discussion recently regarding this topic, … Read more→

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David VanDrunen on Subjective and Objective Morality

In his very fine piece Living in God’s Two Kingdoms, Dr. VanDrunen writes:
Christians should always be distinguished from unbelievers subjectively: they do all things by faith in Christ and for … Read more→

Trinity and Election

The Validity of Multiple Interpretations of Barth

As anyone even moderately interested in Barthian studies knows, the field does not want for a variety of interpretations on the Church Dogmatics. Trinity and Election in Contemporary Theology edited by … Read more→

Adam - Sistine Chapel

Gaffin on the Historical Adam

In the latest issue of New Horizons, Dr. Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. has written an excellent article on the historical Adam. This has become an increasingly important topic, and it appears … Read more→


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The Fractured Pastor and Multisite Churches

The pastor has been fractured today. I do not mean a particular pastor, particularly. Rather, what I have in mind is the office of the pastor itself. … Read more→

images.silly Barth

Barth on the Imago Dei

Working through a stimulating discussion of the imago dei in Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics, III/1.

Barth takes a decidedly different approach to what the image of God in man is from … Read more→


Smith Reviews The Biblical Counseling Movement after Adams

Winston Smith, a counselor at CCEF, has written an insightful review of Heath Lambert’s book The Biblical Counseling Movement after Adams. Behind Smith’s review is a distinction between biblical counseling … Read more→


Objections to Presuppositional Apologetics

Blogger and tweeter extraordinaire Dr. K. Scott Oliphint has answered common objections to presuppositional apologetics over at the Gospel Coalition. I hesitated to word the title in the way I … Read more→


A Lesson on Productive Writing

In an interview, Meinold Krauss asked Karl Rahner how he was able to achieve his vast bibliography (4000+ entries at his passing). Rahner responded:
You see, I’ve always gone to bed … Read more→


More on the Third Use of the Law

Recently, I was able to join Nick Batzig and Jeff Waddington on Christ the Center for a discussion on the third use of the law in light of redemptive-history. Errors abound … Read more→


Types of First and Second Readings

Over the last year, the subjects of hermeneutics and typology have been sources of vigorous discussion at Reformed Forum. These are very important issues, and I am glad we have been … Read more→

Adam and Eve and Christ and the Church

Any kind of pre-marital counseling worth its salt will use Eph 5:22-33 in the course of teaching on marriage, and there’s a specific aspect within that passage that I need … Read more→


As I interact with Scripture’s relationship to how we should think and live, both within church walls and outside them, I frequently go back to two quotes that have helped … Read more→

John Murray

Murray on Faith and Justification

In his chapter on justification in Redemption Accomplished and Applied, John Murray speaks about faith,
There have been good protestants who have maintained that this faith is not the antecedent of … Read more→

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